Friday, July 8, 2011

Thursday July 7, 2011-Addison Oaks County park

Stella and I woke pretty early this morning to go back over to Rochester to have a remote-fill system installed on the truck. Jim, our friendly welder, had told me that he has put these on many other vehicles and was confident that he could do ours. He had ordered the parts and was ready to do the install this morning.

We got to his shop and discovered that he was running late. He said the traffic was backed up on Main St. which we verified because we had gone through it too. He got started working on it about 10 o'clock and we sat outside under the trees behind his shop. The weather certainly cooperated with cool breezes and cloudy skies. The temps only got to about 85 degrees, so we had a pretty nice time sitting outside and waiting. The only problem that we had was the hard old wooden bench, but we have plenty of built-in padding.

The problem with Jim's shop is that he's a one man show. Every time the telephone rings, he has to stop what hes doing and answer it. If someone comes in and wants to ask him questions, again he has to stop and talk to them. It took him about four hours to get the pump and switch installed, but now we don't have to stop to refill the truck. Stella has a switch inside the glove box that she can turn on and while I watch the gauge, she fills the tank. I think it will make our traveling easier and am looking forward to testing it out.

We stopped off at the grocery store and bought our supplies for the next few days and returned home. We sat outside at another of Ted's campfires and had a very nice evening.

So long.

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