Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday July 16, 2011-Timber Ridge RV Resort

Today is our last full day here, so all we did was make preparations to leave tomorrow. Stella fixed us a good breakfast this morning and we got started. She took our dirty clothes over and washed them up while I came home and kept watch on the doggies. They really like their walks in the woods around here. They told me so...

We took the porch and stairs down, dumped the holding tanks and did the usual things get ready to pull out in the morning. While doing these chores I met our new next door neighbors. They are a nice couple that just retired and bought a used Mountaineer travel trailer. They are very inexperienced in the operation of the trailer and I was able to give him several pointers and information on items they will need. They are having the same electrical problems that we have but their trailer doesn't have a surge protector. That was the first thing I told him to get. Apparently he has been running only the refrigerator off a 20 amp plug and when he turned the air conditioner on, it tripped the breaker in their trailer several times. Hopefully I helped them out but the park still has electrical problems. I really can't complain about it any more since ours hasn't tripped since they worked on it on Monday and we had cable television. I have given them a decent review on

We've had a good time here in Traverse City and the weather has been good. It was worth the trip.

So long.

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