Saturday, July 30, 2011

Friday July 29, 2011-Newberry KOA

We slept all night without air conditioning because the surge protector kept tripping because of low voltage. The park's maintenance man had left town and was some distance away, so help could not be had until the next morning. After we had the electricity fail three times, we turned off everything but the television and had a fan running and it didn't trip again. I spoke with the manager who told me that if we wanted to move, either out of the park or into another site, he would work with us. He gave us a refund for our entire stay and said to let him know what we wanted to do in the morning.

The park offered breakfast to guests for only a donation which was a very good deal, so we went down and ate a good breakfast. We met Jim, the maintenance man, who told me that he thought the problem could have been with the surge protector and suggested removing it and monitoring the electricity, which we decided to do. I removed the surge protector and had no further problems throughout the day. It probably helped that most of our neighbors also left today, which lessened the electricity draw. We monitored the voltage during the day and it never dropped below 110 volts. We hope this problem is over, at least for now.

We went up to the "supermarket" in town and were amazed at the selections in this tiny little store in a small town in rural Michigan. We didn't need a lot, but we bought what we needed. I also went to the Ace Hardware next door and picked up a few items that I needed and came home and fixed our street sign that had recently broken in a rain and windstorm. I know those of you in Texas don't remember rainstorms, but it happens up pretty often.

Stella fixed us some coneys for supper and then she and I sat outside at our table and played a few games of dominoes. It was a very pleasant night and we enjoyed it. Although it wasn't bad last night, it was nice to have the a/c tonight.

So long.

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