Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wednesday July 27, 2011-Moving day-Clementz North Country Campground and Cabins to Newberry KOA

Today we were making the big move to the KOA about 12 miles away. There were several other trailers moving out today including our new neighbor in his Tiffin Zephyr. I did get a chance to talk to him briefly as we were both packing up to leave, and noticed that he has a tear or split in his fiberglass wall below the bedroom slide out. I told him of our friend's problems with their Zephyr and he said he is taking it back to the factory when they finish up in Michigan. Just proves that no matter how much you pay for a rig, something can go wrong with it.

We got away about 10:30 and made it to the KOA in about 15 minutes. We pulled in and learned that the previous tenant in our site was already gone, so we were all set up and relaxing by noon. The best thing is, we now have both wifi and our own network to choose from and the dish antenna is working well. Good to see the swamp gator hunters and American Pickers again!

It was cold again this morning, about 52 degrees outside! Stella had already turned the heater on, so it wasn't too bad inside this morning. She takes pretty good care of me.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

If anyone will take care of a problem, Bob Tiffin will. Glad you found a park with internet and satellite connection for TV. Our park hasn't allowed me to connect on their wi-fi (low signal) so I'm just using mine. We are on the TV antenna and just dealing with it!