Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday July 28, 2011-Newberry KOA

It was cool this morning but not as cool as the last couple of days, probably in the low 60's this morning. We decided to drive over to the Tahquamenon Falls and then to Whitefish Point to visit the Shipwreck Museum there. It was a nice day for a drive, partly cloudy and dry. What I have noticed about this trip is the lack of Police presence in the areas that we've been in. I know that budgets are tight, but we certainly haven't seen many policemen since we left Spring in May.

We didn't leave until about 11 o'clock and drove the 60 miles to Paradise, where the falls are located. It is a heavily wooded area and there is no cell phone service, nor are there many service stations. It's good that we have plenty of fuel aboard.

We went to the Tahquamenon Falls state park first, to the upper falls. This is just one of the falls, and it is very pretty. This is the largest of the falls in the park, falling 50 feet. There is a handwritten sign at the park that says 2010 gallons per second are falling. I wonder why they are being so precise when making an estimate? Wouldn't it have been just as well to say the falls produce approximately 2000 gallons per second? When I see exact numbers like that, I have a problem with it and then question the accuracy of everything I hear after that. But thats just cynical old me...

A little explanation of the river and falls. Hope you can click on the photo and read it better.

A different view of the falls.

The river is very pretty and serene.

More falls and rapids.

They rent boats on the river. I wanted to rent one and have Stella row me so I could water ski but she didn't want to. Said she might get her hair wet. LOL

Blow this one up and read the history of this tree. WOW!!

We've seen more lighthouses here in Michigan than we've ever seen before. This is the old Whitefish Point Coast Guard base that was established in 1849. There are displays of the barracks, the officers quarters and the commander's home with period furniture and clothing. Very interesting.

This is the ships bell from the most famous of the shipwrecks, the Edmund Fitzgerald. The ship went down in 1975 and the bell recovered in 1995.

We came back to the park and discovered that our electricity had been off. Luckily it was still rather cool, with temps in the low 80's but it was still hot inside but not unbearable. We turned off everything that uses electricity that we could and only ran the television, a computer and a fan for the rest of the night. Scott, the park manager, came down and said his maintenance guy would come by in the morning and take care of things. He gave us a refund for our rent and said it was our option about whether we moved sites or left the park. We'll have to see how tomorrow works out. There's always something when you live in your RV.

So long.

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