Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunday July 24, 2011-Mackinaw Mill Creek campground

Our last day here at the Mackinaw Mill Creek campground was spent in the park all day long. Our new friends Ed and Karen left this morning after exchanging our information. We hope to be able to see them again before we all leave Michigan. We will be in the same area of the state but different cities.

We just stayed around the trailer all day except for taking some nice walks through the park. We watched television and I got caught up on reading the blogs that I follow as well as finishing up my own entry. I took a couple of good walks around the park during the afternoon. Remember the two brothers that own the Bighorn and Landmark? I walked over to talk to them about joining the Owners club but they were already gone. I did see a Sundance and another Landmark but the owners of them were gone too.

Later in the afternoon I began putting things away for our departure tomorrow. I took the porch and steps down and the Carryout antenna. I had been moving it around since we've been here but never did find just the right location and had given up on it, at least here at this park.

It has been a good week here in Mackinaw City and we have enjoyed our stay. I'm not sure when or if we'll be back here, but this is a nice park if you get some of the sites near the water. These back here where we are are secluded and there is little traffic but you're away from most of the people.

So long.

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