Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monday July 4, 2011-Addison Oaks County park

We woke to another cool morning here and began watching most of the other campers here leave. It is interesting to watch them as they go through their packing up process. Some have a pretty good routine but others seem to just throw things in and then close the door, or lower the pop-up down onto the mess they left behind.

I just hung out with Ted this morning. We made a couple of scavenger hunts for firewood that had been left behind by the "weekenders" and picked up quite a few pieces. There is one family next to us that had about a half-cord of wood delivered but for some reason, they left for much of the weekend and didn't use it. Ted and I can't wait for them to leave so we can pick up their leavings. We're only staying until Sunday and we can likely find enough wood to last Ted and Donna the rest of the time that they're here.

We were all invited down to Ted and Donna's daughter Kelly's house today for our 4th of July cookout. There were several friends and relatives there and we had a nice time with them. The food, of course, was delicious and we all had a good time.

Stella and I drove our truck because we needed to stop at the Best Buy store in Rochester to buy a new laptop battery for my computer. Of course, we didn't think about it being a holiday, so we just came on back home. Along the way, I stopped for diesel fuel at a station near the park. Fuel prices have started to come down here, so I stopped to refuel. As soon as we returned home, we noticed that the big fuel tank on the truck was leaking again. I couldn't see where the leak was coming from but as soon as Ted got home, I transferred some fuel to his truck trying to get the tank level below the leak. The ten gallons that he took (estimated) helped some but the leak didn't stop. There is another big truck here in the park, a Volvo commercial truck that has been converted to an RV puller. I went over to ask the owner if he needed fuel and saw a Deputy Sheriff talking to him. Apparently the Deputy had seen the trail of fuel that we had left when we left the station and had followed it to the park. I told the Deputy that I had just found the problem and was trying to get rid of as much fuel as it took to stop the leak. The owner of the Volvo said he didn't need much fuel but was able to take about ten gallons. He paid me for the fuel and I returned home. Thank goodness the leak had stopped. The patrol Deputy had been joined by another Deputy that was assigned to park patrol in a golf cart. When investigating the leaking diesel fuel, they learned what had happened and that the leak had finally stopped, so no violation had occurred. I had a nice chat with the park patrol Deputy before he had to leave. One of the other campers in the park had come by to see what the problem was. It is unusual for two Police Officers to come out, and they were concerned that there was something going on in the park. I was just relieved that I was no longer wasting expensive fuel onto the gravel road!

After all the excitement died down, we went over to Ted and Donna's site for another campfire. It was nice to relax as we watched the dancing flames. Some of the wood that we had gathered didn't burn too well but Ted finally coaxed it to catch on fire and I finally turned in about 11 o'clock. Stella, Ted and Donna stayed out until the fire died down before they called it a night.


So long.

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