Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday July 11, 2011-Timber Ridge RV Resort

Remember yesterday when I told you about the electrical problems that we had? Well, they came back last night. I had turned the bedroom air conditioner on when I went to bed but when I woke this morning, it was off and the clock in the bedroom was flashing, so I knew the power had gone off. I did my morning routine while Stella slept but when she woke, she said the power had gone off about midnight and she had turned the a/c off and didn't restart it. It was not that bad early in the morning, but it started to warm up. Stella decided to wash our clothes, so when we took the clothes to the park washateria, we talked to the lady in the office. She listened to our complaints and started to work. They have a resident electrician on staff and the owner of the park is an electrical engineer or at least very experienced in electricity.

When I returned home, it was getting hot inside, so when the electrician came down to begin work, I gladly went outside to watch him. It was very pleasant outside and there was a nice breeze. The boss man soon arrived and things really started to happen. He asked me about the cable in our site and I told him the story about making reservations with no notice about some sites not having cable. He called another employee down and they started to work on the cable problem. Making a long story short, not only did they get the electricity problem fixed, or at least fixed for now, they got us cable television to watch. Hallelujah!!! I'm feeling much better about this park now.

There is nothing wrong with over the air television but I've never been a fan of soap operas and game shows. I also learned that there are at least a hundred judge shows on daytime TV. Thank goodness we now have cable! And to boot, the electricity has been on all afternoon without tripping. The only thing that they could find was some stray electricity, 4-8 volts that showed up on the case and lid of the electrical box. We all thought it might have been my surge protector, but after they found the problem and tightened up some of the lugs that hold the heavy wires in place, all seems to be well. At least we'll be cool. Of course, the weatherman has predicted a cool front to come in tonight and tomorrow's high will be 77 degrees with a night time low of around 54. My a/c will keep us cool if they're wrong.

We plan to do some exploring in the area tomorrow and Wednesday, and I'll report what we find.

So long.

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