Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday July 20, 2011-Mackinaw City Mill Creek campground

We didn't do much of anything today. We had planned to go into Mackinaw City and look around in the downtown area this morning but it was threatening rain and thundering so we decided to wait out the weather. Stella fixed us a delicious breakfast pizza this morning, so we just stayed inside and watched and listened to the rain. Both the dogs get nervous in thunderstorms, so they liked it when we didn't leave.

I worked on catching up on my blog and added some photos. It took a long time to get the photos uploaded to blogger, but I got it done. When it stopped raining, I went for a short walk around the area, just to get out of the house for awhile. The people here are not nearly as friendly as they are in Texas. Not exactly unfriendly, just won't make eye contact and don't speak to walkers. I did see another Texas license plate on a truck just checking in. Maybe I'll try to find them. Bet they'll talk to me...

We drove into Mackinaw City this afternoon and walked around the shops for awhile. We found a couple of things to bring back to the boys, but all these stores sell almost exactly the same things. It seems to me that they would change up just a little bit, but the merchandise and prices are exactly the same. It was very hot in town, and we were glad to get back home where it was nice and cool.

We had a pork loin and some noodles for supper. It was almost like we were back in Indiana with the all-white meal. It was pretty tasty and very filling. We heard thunder again, so we just snuggled in and watched some television. Sucks not to have my dish hooked up.

So long.


Jennifer said...

Um, excuse me, but what about presents for the GIRLS?? Boys don't appreciate presents from travel, but GIRLS do.

Signed, your favorite daughter

Ted and Donna said...

They tried to put my chicken and noodles over mashed potatoes when we ate in Emma! I told them no, give me green beans. I'll never eat in that area without thinking of Tommy Kerlin and his coining the term "white meal." We didn't eat at Blue Gate because we had been to Frankenmuth. But I did have one piece of peanut butter pie.