Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday July 10, 2011-Moving Day-Addison Oaks County park to Timber Ridge RV Resort

Today is the day that we moved across Michigan from Addison Oaks County park in Leonard to Timber Ridge RV Resort in Traverse City. We didn't get up especially early, nor did we rush around to try to get out early. We are going about 240 miles today, and the route that we have chosen is mostly freeway, so we are not worried about our travel time. We pulled out a little before 10 after stopping to tell Ted and Donna goodbye.

As expected we made good time and only stopped one time for me to check the lug nuts on the wheel that had the flat tire on it. That didn't take long and we were on our way again. We didn't need to refuel on the way, so when we got here, I turned on the new pump and took the fuel gauge up to the 3/4 mark and stopped it. Everything seems to be working perfectly.

We noticed the temperatures were a little warmer today, about 85 degrees while we were driving. When we got here, it was HOT!! Not as hot as Texas, but I did work up a good sweat in setting up the trailer. We ate supper and were sitting around when the power suddenly went out in our site only. Before anything could be done, the power returned. It went off about thirty minutes later but again came back on. I soon drove down to the office and spoke with the lady on duty there. I also told her that I had not been able to locate the cable connection. She scoffed at that and said someone would soon be down to check it for me. When I went back home, I found my electric meter and learned that the voltage to my site is very low. In a short time, a pair of young men came down. They couldn't find the cable connection either and had no answer for me about the low power. They left and soon one of them returned. He said this site is not a cable site and had no explanation about the power. He suggested that we might want to change sites but so far I haven't heard any more from him or the office. Time will tell how this works out. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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