Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday July 26, 2011-North Country Campground and Cabins

We woke this morning to 57 degrees outside and 68 inside the trailer! I was freezing when I got up and put on my sweats and a long sleeve shirt. wow!! After a little while, while I made coffee, I went outside to see who might be around and was glad I had the warm clothes on. I didn't stay out very long because there was no one out to talk to this morning. There are three or four trailer across from us that are all from Michigan and they hang out together. I'm not sure if they are working around here or not but they have night time and morning fires in the firepit but they don't speak and haven't been real friendly.

Stella woke up and made us some breakfast and we decided to drive over to the KOA on the south side of Newberry to check on a site there. Boy, did we luck out! They will have a full hookup site with a clear view of the sky so our Carryout antenna should work. I've heard that before, but we decided to take the site anyway. It IS full hookup, has good wifi and should be good for TV reception. We'll see tomorrow.

We drove back into Newberry and stopped off at the visitor's center to pick up some brochures for the area. I also stopped off at the Dodge dealer and made an appointment to have some service work done and to have a recall notice checked.

We were on our way home when we saw a sign for Oswald's Bear Ranch that is located outside of Newberry and decided to stop and visit. The bears are kept in a natural habitat environment that is enclosed by a high fence. Guests are allowed to walk all the way around the enclosures to view the many bears on the property.

No, this is not one of the bears. Someone did some good carving on a tree stump though. Takes some skill!

A short explanation of the bear ranch and its operations. It is an interesting place with many bears. I'd hate to run into one of these in the woods!

This is a couple of the males. They are very large and I would estimate weigh 500 pounds or more. They have several colors of bears and grizzly as well as black bears to see.

Just look at the claws on this one! I say again, I'd hate to meet him in the woods...

The cubs are cute but they are usually accompanied by their Momma Bear, and from the look of the ones I saw, they are nothing to mess with either.

Here are two of the females, walking around in their pen. They are much larger than the males. Keep in mind, I am only talking about bears, not the female humans. Just sayin'

These are the hibernation areas for the bears. These are built for the bears with wood floors and straw inside them. I'm sure these bears are better fed and cared for than they would be in the wild.

So long.

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