Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday May 11, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

We began our day with a light breakfast and took off pretty early for the AT & T store to get my new I-Phone 3GS phone. I had been told that I already had a 3GS phone but it turned out that it was only the 3G model which didn't have some features that I wanted and needed. Apple is fazing out all of the 3G phones but for now they are still supporting the 3GS model, so I should be okay for awhile. When it comes to electronics, who knows any more?

With that done, we headed over to Alvin to meet Kristene, who had worked for me in Manvel as Fire Marshal, for lunch. We met her at one of Stella's favorite restaurants, Kelly's. Kristene has been on a serious diet and looks great! It was really good to see our old friend and we had a great lunch to boot, so it was a good time for two reasons.

We had some business to get done at the Ron Hoover store in Katy, so we drove up there and were soon on our way back south. Tommy and Susan called and wanted to come down to see us and to go out to eat tonight, so we hurried on back to take care of the doggies and to be ready to meet our friends. This was the first time that they have seen our new trailer, so although it is dirty, they liked it. It's a big improvement over the Bighorn and they noticed.

We decided to go to Galveston for supper. We decided on Benno's Restaurant on the seawall. The food was very good, a cross between a fast food restaurant-you order your meal at the counter-with some great choices of food. When we finished eating, we drove around for a bit and I pointed out two of the houses that I lived in when I lived on the island. It was a trip back in time for me and we saw some very beautiful old houses in some of the neighborhoods. We had a nice time with our friends. We returned to the Oasis and sat outside for awhile before they had to return home.

I have been talking to Tommy, who is a retired professional photographer, about one of those small video cameras. He has a Flip camcorder that he recommends and in fact, he let me use his. I'll take a few videos and see if I like it before I buy one for myself. you might even see a video soon that I took. Please check back.

So long.

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Ted and Donna said...

They have stopped making the Flip but there are others out there that do the same thing ... I just don't know how well. I bought Flips for my kids a few Christmases ago and they are great.