Friday, May 4, 2012

Thursday May 3, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

I'm going to catch up some on photos that I haven't shared with you until today. These came from the Blue Angels practice that we saw at the Pensacola Naval Air Station before the rally in Gulf Shores.

 Two of the Blue Angels taxiing by us, preparing to take off. They put on an awesome show and if you're ever in the area, do go by and check them out.
 These guys are so fast, you must have quick fingers and a quick shutter on your camera. Blow up this picture and you will see the four jets streaking across.
Here is a much better shot of some of the old jets used by the Blue Angels. Someone told us that the jets that they use are actually fighters that can be converted from being a skill-demonstrator back to a fighter jet in a few hours.

Today was another slow day for us. We ran errands and Stella got her hair cut. Ryan seems to be making progress on our work and all four jacks are down and steadying the trailer. There are parts ordered, so as soon as they come in, we will be back in business.

So long.

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