Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday May 29, 2012-Moving day-Oasis RV Park to Kearney RV Park, Kearney Nebraska

I woke to a cool morning, which was a big relief from the heat yesterday afternoon when we arrived. Stella was soon awake and we talked about changing our destination for tonight from a small county park in Grand Island Nebraska to a full hookup park. Stella had found a KOA campground near Grand Island in one of her books but I didn't find it in anything I had, so we decided to keep looking. We found a new park in Kearney Neb. which is a few miles further down the road from Grand Island and decided to go there today. It puts us a little closer to our next-day stop in Alliance Nebraska and is a full park.

We pulled out about 9 o'clock, or right on time! The roads were very quiet this morning since the hubbub of the holiday was past and we made good time. Not too long after we left, I saw a white Ford on the side of the road with yellow and red lights flashing. Believing it to be a normal police car with a violator stopped, I changed lanes as required but when I got up to it I saw that it was marked as a State Farm Motorist Assistance vehicle. That's a new one! Then later I noticed a sign that said that the Kansas Transportation Authority had teamed up with State Farm to give stranded motorists some assistance.

Another thing that I noticed today was that a part of Interstate 35 has been turned into a toll road. Whats up with that? Weren't federal funds used to build the interstate highway in the first place? Why are we now being charged a toll to drive on a road that we've paid for with tax dollars? Why are we being double taxed? Why am I ranting to you-my friends, family and followers? Why am I becoming a grumpy old man?

We drove and drove through Kansas for what seemed like a day and a half. I had forgotten how boring wheat fields can be. There are only a few truck stops or other places to pull into for a cup of coffee but i did notice that Kansas has "Service Plazas" like the tool roads in Indiana and Ohio. One of them had some good prices on fuel and I started to pull in and fill up but didn't really need fuel yet so I kept on driving.

Stella called ahead to make a reservations at the new park, the Kearney RV Park. The man on the telephone told her that it was a good idea to give a credit card to hold a spot for tonight because they have been filling up every night. You might want to keep that in mind if heading in this direction and needing a place to stay for a night or two.

We drove and drove through Kansas for what seemed like days. Does wheat grow anywhere else in the world? There is almost nothing along the roadside except for an occasional farmhouse or barn but they are set pretty far off the road. There aren't very many places to stop either so have plenty of fuel when driving through here.

When we got to Kearney we saw an enormous arch over the highway. It is the Great Platte River Road Archway that reflects the history of the Great Platte River Road from the Oregon Trail era to modern fiber optics. We didn't take the time to go to the arch, although it is very near the RV park where we are staying. We were tired and just wanted to get out of the truck for awhile. These seats, while comfortable, get old after a couple of days of driving.

When we arrived at the park, there was no one in the office. Since we had made a reservation, we knew we would have a space, so I called the furnished telephone number and spoke with the owner. He was out running errands and told me which space to park in. This is a brand new place, and it shows. Dirt and koleche roads with koleche drives into the sites and little or no grass. Time will improve it. The owner came down after getting his running around done and brought Stella up to the office to take care of checking in. While setting up, a neighbor's bulldog came over to visit. He was a friendly dog, and was just looking for a friend but our two dogs freaked out, barking and letting us know that there was a strange dog around. There was actually no problem with the dog and Stella said something to the owner. He told her that the dog belongs to one of the workers that is staying in the park and that the dog is normally on a tie-out. He said he would make sure he puts the dog up when he gets off work. I would recommend this park if you are in this area or passing through and needing a place to stay.

I cleaned as many bugs as I could off the front of the truck and trailer. There doesn't seem to be a rule against washing the trailer and the grass appreciated the water. One more travel day and we'll be at our destination. We can do it!

So long.


rachel said...

Jay – I noticed you have a lot of questions about the Kansas Turnpike. Looking at your US map, I see that you are an experienced traveler so I thought it might be interesting information for someone who obviously loves the open road!
The Kansas Turnpike was actually built prior to the Interstate system’s arrival in Kansas (1956). We receive no tax dollars, but are funded by tolls for the maintenance and operation of the roadway. When we were designated as Interstate (and all 236 miles of our roadway is), it was because federal planners decided to save some money by making the Turnpike an Interstate route rather than building a parallel road. Many other toll roads that are designated as Interstates have similar stories.
We wish you and Stella many more happy travels — on our road or wherever your journey takes you!
Rachel Bell
Kansas Turnpike Authority

2psnapod1 said... is koleche???