Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wednesday May 2, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

Today was a very laid-back day for us. We were expecting Ryan, the technician from Ron Hoover to come by and give us an update on the service work but he didn't show up. I later walked up to the office and had a chat with Willie the service manager. I offered my help in getting things set up and expedited but Willie told me to hold off before doing anything.

We stayed home and watched some television, which reminds me to tell you how much better the new Carryout antenna works. It is perfect as long as I have a view of the southern sky, which is all I can ask.

Today is Jeremy's birthday, so we drove down to their house this afternoon and were soon on our way to Carraba's in Webster for his birthday dinner. We had a good time with Kim and Jeremy and of course, Tyler and Cameron. They grow up so fast! Tyler is proud of being as tall or taller than I am and Cameron is right behind him. Cam has slimmed up a lot and can't really be called Buddah any more.

We were out until way after 9 o'clock tonight and I didn't turn into a pumpkin! I couldn't sleep when I got home-guess all the napping this afternoon worked!- and it was almost 11 before I turned in. Very late night for me...

So long.

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