Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday May 26, 2012-WinStar Casino RV Park

We went down for coffee and donuts in the rally hall courtesy of the Oklahoma club. We have been having a lot of fun with this group and today was no different. We played a dice game called Chickenfoot that was a lot of fun. We probably played for a couple of hours and went home to eat a bite of lunch and met back at the rally hall for a meeting. I forgot about having our group picture taken in front of Larry's trailer where he had his Heartland banner put out... Oops

We had the meeting and after, they gave out door prizes. They did the prizes different than normal, by allowing the winner to choose which prize they take. They had a nice prize for everyone attending, so everybody was happy.

We traveled to the Catfish Louie's restaurant for supper tonight. It was a good restaurant in Gainesville which is very near us here. The food was good but the best thing was the price. With everything included, we only paid about $16 for both of us!

We came back here to the park and played a couple of games of LCR, another dice game. Of course, these games are rigged and I didn't win. It was a lot of fun and when the games were over, we all split up to sit outside and visit. Some will be leaving tomorrow, but we're staying until Monday. I'm sure that we'll have some more fun tomorrow.

So long.

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