Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Monday May 28, 2012-Moving day-WinStar Casino RV Park to Oasis RV Park, So. Haven Kansas

I got up to cool temperatures this morning with a nice breeze blowing. A great day for moving! With the porch already down, much of my work was done, so I took the time to go drink coffee with Larry and a few others that came down. We were having such a good time visiting and chatting, it was after 8 before I realized the time and went back home to get to work. Of course, this was the day that Stella was working hard to get the inside things put away and ready to travel, so I got in trouble....again. We were ready to go by 9 or a little after but had decided to stop at the rally hall and get a cup of coffee to go, and most of the others that had stayed were down there, so by the time we said goodbye to everyone, it was about 9:45 when we pulled out.

Thackerville is on the south side of Oklahoma, in fact at mile marker 1 on I-35. The park here in Kansas is at mile marker 4, also on I-35, so we drove all the way across Oklahoma in a little over four hours, arriving here at 2PM. Man, it's hot here in Kansas. The only other time we've been in Kansas was several years ago, when we returned to Texas from Colorado through Kansas and down through Oklahoma. The only thing we remembered about Kansas was the wheat fields that seemed to run on forever. It must still be that way here because the man in the office of the park immediately began telling me about the wheat and what a good crop they're going to have this year. I guess that when that's all there is in a state, that's all there is to talk about.

This park is really nothing, but I found it on the Passport America website. According to the website, the regular price for a site is $50 but being PA members, we got it for half price. I thought, a $50 site has got to be pretty good, but to get that much money, they would have to wash my trailer along with the stay. There is nothing here, no trees, no concrete, little grass and of course no pool. There is a good wi-fi that I'm using now, but it's a stretch to call this a $50 place. It was easy off and easy to get to, so its not all bad. I'd spend a night here again, but only at the PA rate.

There weren't as many RV's on the road as I had figured to see. Memorial Day is normally the kick-off of the summer but there wasn't much traffic on the road. That was probably a blessing when we went through Oklahoma City. We've breezed through all the big cities so far this trip. I hope to keep it up!

So long.

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