Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Monday May 14, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

I began the morning by going up to the service desk to check on the parts that we are expecting. They must have been very busy up there because I stood around for about 10 minutes before my technician, Ryan, came out. He told me that they expect the parts from Lippert either today or tomorrow and the new toilet and water pump have come in. He said he would be down later to install these two items. Sounds good!

I returned home and decided to go over to the storage lot where we've got lots and lots of stuff that we decided to keep when we sold the house. There is a huge assortment of stuff there, from RV and truck supplies to household furniture. I moved it around and made it easier to walk around in there and removed some things that needed to be thrown out. A very few items were brought back to the trailer and before I knew it, I had been there for a couple of hours. I decided to make a list of items I would like to sell and put them on Craigs list. I returned home and after a short cool-down period, I had made up my ad for Craigs list and put the items up for sale.

Ryan and another tech came down and installed the new toilet and water pump, so we were back in business soon. It took them less than 30 minutes to get the jobs done and all I had to do was unload the underbelly storage on one side of the trailer. Man, it got hot in a hurry!

I went back inside for awhile to cool off again but later in the evening, when the sun started to go down, I went out and started waxing the front and doorside of the trailer. I wanted a good coat of wax on the front for our summer trip so the bugs won't stick quite as bad. We leave next week if all goes well with the trailer repairs. That trailer is HUGE when you're waxing it! I was tired from all the other work I had done today, so I didn't get the side completed but it was enough for today.

I came back inside and sat in my chair watching television until time for a shower and bed. It had been an exhausting but productive day.

So long.

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