Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunday May 27, 2012-WinStar Casino RV Park

Well, here we are already at the final full day here in Oklahoma at the Okie's first rally. The rally has gone exceptionally well, probably because of Larry's background of being in the Good Sam rally group. I like to think it because of his background and training as a Heartland Chapter leader by the Texas Chapter Leader, me! Just kidding! Larry and Donna have done a great job in their first rally.

There was coffee and leftover donuts and cookies in the rally hall this morning. There wasn't a lot of planned activity today since several were leaving because of work. Yuck!

I went around and visited with the ones that were packing up and before long, they were on the road back home. I came back home and got caught up on my record keeping and computer work and missed the ladder golf game. Everyone said that it was a good game and I'm sorry I missed it, but at least now, I'm all caught up with my "work".

Late in the afternoon, we all decided to go eat some Mexican food at a new restaurant in Gainesville called Serna's. I was glad to get one more Mexican food dinner before we head north because I know that there will be slim pickins' for good spicy food for the rest of the summer. Then on the other hand, Stella's tacos are pretty good. We can buy some avocados for a guacamole salad, fry up some chips, make some salsa....wait a minute, I'm going to make myself hungry again.

You should have seen Larry and some of the others. They discovered that some of the silverware was magnetic and that they could pick up their fork or spoon with their knife. I'm telling you, it doesn't take much to amuse us sometimes.

After eating, we came back to the park and played a few more games of chickenfoot or other domino games. We had a lot of fun and it certainly got loud in there while we played! Note to anyone reading this; if you're building a game room or rally hall, use some carpet on the floors. Maybe on the walls. It absorbs sounds that echo around the room and make it hard for some older people to hear each other. Just a suggestion. I know that there are probably a lot of builders and designers that read this and I just wanted to let them know. Call this a public service announcement.

So long.

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