Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday May 18, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

Since I had heard that my parts are in, I went up to talk to Willy about the status of the work to be done. Let me tell you, these guys around here are among the busiest I've ever been around, with working on boats, trailers and answering questions from pestering customers like me. I have never had a conversation with Willy without another employee coming in to ask him a question about something that is more important than what I'm talking to him about. Well, to be honest, its more important to someone, maybe not me... Anyway, I have a great deal of respect for the whole service crew here. If I was working here, I'd probably install an outboard motor on someone's fifth wheel or something else silly like that.

Ryan was soon at our house and began to work on the new slide ram that he had installed. The doorside slide still wouldn't move, but he finally discovered that it was not really the ram that was a problem but the solenoid that controls it. He switched the wiring on the solenoids and the other slide wouldn't work so he knows where the problem is. He ordered the parts that are needed and hopefully they will be delivered soon so we can still leave on schedule on Wednesday.

While he was here, we checked on the leveling system. Everything works now as advertised. The auto level works again, the rear jacks work properly and the stabilizers are synced in with the rest of the leveling system.

I want to reflect for a few moments on some recent events. We have already talked about the Travon Martin killing in Florida, but it seems that it just won't go away. Yesterday there was news that Zimmerman's injuries are consistent with his story. Witnesses are now being quoted as seeing the fight and Zimmerman being on the ground, apparently getting the worst of the fight. Okay, is the jury (the news-reading public) ready to render their verdict? How can this man get a fair trial? We have seen much of the evidence including photos, so why even have a trial?

Another big why is the Roger Clemens charge of lying to congress. The first trial ended in a mistrial and the government, in their quest for justice, tried this man again! Now their lead witnesses have admitted that they lied, so where is the case? Why is it that congress can lie to us, their constituents and that is just politics, but a wealthy athlete can lie to them and they are upset. I guess I just don't understand.

I'm not going to get into Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona and the feds crusade against him. He has been under investigation for just about everything he has done but if you read about what he has accomplished, he should be the Attorney General and not the clown that is in there now. And the other clown that put him there. I can't wait for January 20, 2013-END OF AN ERROR!

So long.


Ted and Donna said...

We lived in the town north of Sanford where Trayvon was killed. Let me tell you, you needed security in that area. And with all that is wrong in this world, why are we wasting time and money trying an athlete who doesn't even play anymore? And three cheers for Joe, long may his pink underwear wave!

Sgt friendly said...

If I put my true feelings here supporting your comments, I would probably be investigated and brought up on some kind of charges. I am sure you know my feelings.

Mike and Sandy said...

Let's just say that your comments about the politics of today are shared by me and everyone I know, Jay. My fear, however, is that the other side may outnumber us now thanks to the nanny state created by the lefties.