Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Monday April 30, 2012-Moving day-Gulf State Park to Poche's, Breaux Bridge LA

Okay, the day we dread has arrived! I was up and ready to go to work about 7 but we decided to get fuel before hooking up the trailers. Bill, David and I went in search of a Shell station, since I have begun using Shell and have gotten about 2 MPG more. The problem was that we couldn't find a station that sold diesel fuel near and had to drive about 15 miles to find one. Then, with the limits imposed by the station, I was only able to fill my big tank and put a couple of gallons into the truck tank, but thats okay, I have plenty to get back to Texas.

We finally pulled out of the park about 9:15 which is not too bad considering what we had to do this morning. We got to Interstate 10 and stopped at a Love's truck stop for a break. While there, we realized that we had passed a bakery that Ornell wanted to stop at, so we drove back and found it. We all loaded up on sweets to eat, which only made me drowsy on the road. Learned a good lesson here! We finally made it onto the highway around 10 and made pretty good time to the Mississippi Welcome center for our first stop. We made two more stops, including the last one at Camping World in Hammond LA. While there, I bought a screen door handle but came very close to not buying anything there. One of the service advisors was very rude when I tried to check out. I went up to his desk, and he snarled at me about if I was ready to check out. When I told him yes, he just pointed at the checkstands and said over there. There was no one there, so I had to just stand around for a few minutes while someone came out to check me out. I guess the checkers are trained to ask every customer if they want to renew their Good Sam card. Mine doesn't expire until the end of August so it really doesn't need renewing now. Maybe they get a commission on sales. Just leave me alone until July. Or August.

We got into Poche's a little after 5 o'clock, exhausted. It had been a very long day and everyone was tired out. Ornell fixed some chicken salad and Stella made a cream cheese dip, so we all ate a light supper and sat around, trying to recover from the long days drive. Bill and I drove down to check on my stabilizer jack and all was well with it. I couldn't see any way to carry the jacks in the truck or the trailer, so I called Jeremy to see if I could use his truck to drive back over here to pick it up and he told me of course I could use it.

We returned home and all went in and showered and were in bed by 8 o'clock. I didn't sleep well, worrying about the stabilizer and the problem of getting it re-installed and woke about 1AM. I napped a bit in my chair but never did go back to sleep. Tomorrow will be another long day on the road.

So long.

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