Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Monday May 7, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

We woke to another warm morning here in the swamps of LaMarque. Luckily while we have been here it has been pretty breezy and kept the mosquitoes at bay, or at least not biting us. We stayed here several years ago and the skeeters were so bad, they had put up landing lights for them to land.

I took the truck to the Dodge dealer to get an oil change and to have the brakes checked. With that done, I went and put some fuel in the big tank, all in preparation for us leaving on time. Right now, I don't know whether that will happen. No parts have been ordered for the hydraulics yet and I don't know what kind of shipping times there are between Elkhart Indiana and here.

I came back here and cleaned up the outside of the trailer. There have been some birds that roost on the ladder of the trailer and we all know what comes out of the bottom side of a bird. Well, it was caked on the rungs of the ladder and all over the fiberglass. I had gotten it cleaned up and was all nice looking when a big 'ol cloud came up and dropped some rain on us. We need the rain, and since I had just gotten finished with cleaning, there was no issue but I certainly timed it right!

Ryan came over and worked on the awning that had pulled out of the track. I helped him a little bit and together we got it done. I guess if he stays up on the little things that need repair, whenever the parts come in for the Level Up, he'll be all ready to go.

So long.

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