Sunday, May 13, 2012

Saturday May 12, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

It rained and stormed all night, and I got up about 3AM when a loud clap of thunder woke me. I stayed up and began reading about the storms that were coming through. There were places near Houston that got over 8" of rain over night! It didn't rain that much here, but there was lots of water around the campground.

We stayed inside for most of the morning but I did go out and polish up the front end of the truck. I have been working on the trailer off and on for the past few days, so today I decided to clean up the truck. I want both of them cleaned and waxed before we leave, but may not make it. Its hard to get it all done and still visit with friends and family that are down here.

My brother Phil called and invited us over to his house to eat tonight. We went over early to spend some time with him and his wife Carol, and luckily for us, his daughter Lindsay and her two sons AJ and Will were there. Her husband Mark stopped by to pick them up and we had a nice visit with them before they left. Phil fixed us chicken quesadillas and fish tacos which were both very good. We had not had fish tacos before tonight, and they were very good.

We enjoyed our time with Phil and Carol and Phil and I went to pick up their son Matthew at work. He was rather surprised when I blew my train horn to attract his attention, but everyone had some fun with it. Phil asked me to blow it again as we left, so we woke up his neighbors-not really, because it was only about 8PM. I did see one of his neighbors come out to see where the train was. I hope Phil doesn't get in trouble with the neighbors or his HOA.

So long.

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