Monday, May 7, 2012

Saturday May 5, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

Today was scheduled to be a very busy day due to Tyler and Cameron and all their activities. We went to watch Tyler's marching band perform for the Cinco de Mayo parade at 10 o'clock and then for his mariachi band performance at 11:30. Whew!

I was rather surprised to see the intro for the mariachi band performance. I fully expected to see some very "pro Mexico" activities but the singing of the national anthem and pledge of allegiance both went very well. A Hispanic man in front of me did not remove his cap during the anthem but then when they played the Mexican national anthem he didn't remove it then either. Maybe he was trying to keep from being sunburned?

Cameron had a ensemble performance but somehow the instructions got jumbled and we all missed it. We heard later that he did great, but time will tell when the results are released.

Cam's baseball game this afternoon was at 6, or so we were told. We came home to fix something to eat and rest up for the games. Stella was just finishing up our meal about 4 when Cameron called to tell us his game time had been changed to 5 o'clock. You know, when we're there watching the game, it seems like each inning takes 20 minutes, but since we were late in being told of the game time, we were about ten minutes late to the game and they had already played the 1st inning. Cam's team-the Houston Bengals-lost the first game but won the second. Cam didn't pitch in the first game but was sent in as a reliever in the second game and only played one inning. He struck out two batters and made the third out when the batter hit a ground ball back to the pitcher which was an easy toss the the first baseman. He later told me that his coach was holding him out for the Sunday game(s) because he is a good pitcher.

Tyler had not come to the games because he was still hanging out with his band friends. I called to talk to him and he decided he wanted to come home with us to spend the night. I knew that Cam had to have his baseball uniform washed, so he would have to go home and might not want to come over, so we went to pick Tyler up and were on our way home when Cameron called and asked if we would come back over and pick him up. We did, so both boys spent the night with MeMa and PePa but were ready for bed as soon as they got here.  It had been a long day for all of us.

So long.

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