Friday, May 11, 2012

Thursday May 10, 2012-Oasis RV Resort/Ron Hoover RV

It was cloudy and cool this morning. Apparently a cool front that came through a few days ago is working. Whatever it is, I like it! It won't be long until people down here will be crying for a temperature like we had. Of course, we'll be in Wyoming or Colorado. Just HAD to rub it in...

I took care of some chores around the trailer this morning while it was still cool and cloudy. I dumped the tanks and while doing so, I used some spray-on wax that I had bought to wax the back side and end cap of the trailer. These were the sides that were shaded, even though it was cloudy. I used the wax application as a timer for rinsing the black tank. I would wax an area about both of my arms length wide and come back and wipe it off and open the black tank valve. I got a a good rinse on the black tank and a nice wax job on the trailer. Time will tell how good of a wax job I got.

I did a little research about a new I Phone for me. I found a 3G-S online for a new price of 99 cents or a refurb for a penny. I decided on the new phone but they wouldn't ship to a PO box or to an address other than the registered address. I then noticed that some company stores carry these models in stock, so I got on the phone and found one at the store on FM 646, about 8 miles away. We were soon in the store, ready to get the new phone but it was packed! We waited about ten or fifteen minutes but were not able to wait much longer because we needed to go pick up Tyler to go to his band concert tonight. We'll go back tomorrow to get the new phone.

Tyler's band concert was great! Tyler was recognized for his results in a competition recently and participated in three different bands, the Mariachi, Jazz and the marching band. He played the guitarron (the large guitar used in mariachi bands), and the baritone saxophone in the jazz and marching bands. A very talented young man!

While waiting for the band concert to begin, Stella and I grabbed something to eat at an Alfie's Fish and Chips restaurant that is near the high school. I have seen this place for years and had never tried it. The food was good, with a good flavor to the fish. It's not a gourmet restaurant but its not bad.

Another late night for us. We didn't get home until about 9:30 and could hear the thunder coming. Rain has been forecast for tonight and tomorrow and the dogs freak out when it thunders, so they were glad to see us. They need some more rain down here and I hope they don't have another drought summer like last year. I'll keep track from the mountains.

So long.

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