Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday May 24, 2012-WinStar Casino RV Park

Our first full day here began well with a good group (7 rigs) being here already. I walked around and took a few photos and visited with those that were up and about. Larry, the Chapter Leader for Oklahoma, gave me an agenda for the rally, and so I knew that we needed to go to a grocery store for some supplies for the potluck and tomorrow's hot dog and hamburger dinner. Since we are not from around here, we decided to go to the store early and get that chore out of the way.

I went into the office and learned that there are no stores in Thackerville except a convenience store, but there is a Tom Thumb grocery in nearby Gainesville TX that we could go to. We found it with no problem and got our shopping done quickly and were on our way back. The feeder roads were under construction, so we were detoured around, but after driving around for what seemed like a couple of hours, we were on our way back to the park.

You know those huge wings that are used on the wind generators to produce electricity? Yeah, those huge things that we see being pulled on the highway and escorted by cars and trucks with flashing lights. Those things are built right here in Gainesville Texas. Interesting...

When we got back and put our groceries away, I went outside and began visiting with our friends that were here. Larry had a meet and greet scheduled for this afternoon in the rally hall from 2-4 PM, so we went over for that and had a good time meeting new friends and visiting with others that we knew already.

Our supper tonight was hot dogs and hamburgers that were furnished by the club. We all brought side dishes or desserts and again it was a fine time. Everyone had arrived today, so the rally hall was pretty full. Everyone had a great time and we all sat around visiting before going home for the night.

Congratulations to Larry and Donna for a very good first rally.

So long.

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