Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Saturday April 28, 2012-Gulf State Park-Alamissibamasippi rally

Another beautiful morning here in Gulf Shores! There was a fire here last year that wiped out the trees and brush across the road from our site. I was told that someone further down from our area had been using a firepit and one of the embers set the grass on fire near their site. I would have thought that everyone would have known about a fire ban in the very dry conditions. No further comment is necessary.

Our new friends, Mickey and Bonnie wanted to come down this morning and talk to us about becoming full timers. We had a very nice visit with and before you know it, the morning was gone and it was time for lunch. We took a break and went to our next meeting with Jim and the other Chapter leaders and Regional Directors. It was a good meeting and we stuck around after to talk about an upcoming change that I can't talk about yet. Stay tuned...

We had a delicious barbecue dinner tonight, furnished by a local caterer. The food was good, but since we were near the back of the line, the pickings were a little thin. Not complaining, just telling what happened. We went back home and sat outside for awhile with our friends. The weather has been perfect this week. Good job Hogan!

So long.

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